Masked armed suspects wanted in Ypsilanti robberies

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A frightening night on the job for an Ypsilanti Township store clerk was assaulted and robbed at gunpoint by two masked men.

Tonight they are still on the run, while the clerk is sharing his terrifying story.

Surveillance video shows Mazen Darouich and a co-worker busy organizing the shelves at the Ypsilanti Township Dairymart just after midnight Monday, when all of a sudden two men dressed in all black wearing "Jason" masks stormed into the store.

"I was scared sure, but I couldn't do anything," Darouich said.

FOX 2: Do you think they were customers?"

"Yes," he said.

Darouich says both masked men seemed to know what they were looking for and where to look.

One of the armed suspects struck Darouich in the head. He then grabs the shotgun that was sitting behind the counter and demanded cash.

"They said 'Where is the money, where is the money'  I said that's all I have, take whatever you want," Darouich said.

Both workers crouched down behind the counter fearing for their safety. They did whatever the men asked, including giving them all the cash in the register. But the robbers wanted more, eventually swiping Darouch's wallet as well.

The frightening ordeal lasting a little over two minutes. Darouich felt relieved their lives were spared.

While police have been working to track down the armed robbers, a little over 24 hours later two men with a similar description - wearing black clothes black gloves and masks, struck the First Merit Bank on South Grove, just down the street from the Dairy Mart.

They fled in a stolen red Oldsmobile then switched to a stolen newer model silver Dodge Charger.

Anyone with information about either incident is asked to call Ypsilanti police at (734) 483-9510.