Massive sinkhole opens after water main break on Detroit's west side

Ms. Cook can look right out her window and see a gaping sinkhole.

"I said what the (expletive) happened," she said. "That’s a mail truck."

FOX 2: "You could fit a mail truck in there."

"Yep," she said.

At about 2 a.m. Friday – the road gave way on Moore Place, right at W. Grand Boulevard on Detroit’s west side. Then Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Department roped it off – but it is still a danger for kids.

"It could have been my little puppy walking out here," Ms Cook said.

The city says the hole was caused by a water main break, just up the block and the street couldn’t hold all of the running water.

"When you have a temperature change when you get 90-degree weather, you're going to have that," said Gary Brown, DWSD.

Broken water mains aren’t just a winter thing, clearly is happens right now – the crew that will repair this one hopefully, was tied up at another one in downtown Detroit.

"We'll know more once we dig it up and see the soil conditions and what caused it to break," Brown said.

"I'd like it done by this evening," Ms. Cook said.

She might get her wish. The city estimates, it will be handled by Friday night, we’ll keep an eye on it.