Matthew and Kelly Stafford surprise young fans who lost their dad for Christmas

Santa is known for crawling down the chimney, so the Staffords took the front door.

Over the Christmas season, Detroit Lion's Quarterback Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly stopped by the home of two young fans for a holiday surprise. Hearing a knock at the door, the two boys were met with the presence of an NFL great.

"It was genuine, happy smiles that came back," said Bob Webb, the boy's uncle. "We haven't seen that in a long time."

When the door opened, jaws dropped and arms stretched over their heads. This was the Staffords knocking at the door. Oh, and they brought presents.

For the young fans, the visit was particularly special. They lost their father this year - which made the visit all the more significant. But this wasn't a stop-and-say-hello kind of visit. The Staffords stuck around for a while after dropping off presents, even playing some Madden NFL with them. 

As Webb notes, that meant something to all of them.

"It wasn't just a quick here-for-half-an-hour-then leave. It was time spent - and a significant amount of time so I think it's just their interaction in general with them - being able to talk to an NFL quarterback," he said.