Mayor pushes for cutting Detroit car insurance rates, Senate pushes back

As the Detroit mayor pushes for car insurance cuts, his opponent is calling it a political ploy.

It's no secret Detroit drivers pay sky-high premiums to keep their cars insured, so Mayor Mike Duggan is pushing for a 30 percent cut to no-fault rates.

Duggan says that while Michigan motorists are paying an average of $2,700 for no fault car insurance coverage, it's about $3,000 in Detroit.

The Democratic mayor and House GOP Speaker Tom Leonard are maneuvering behind the scenes to slap a 30 percent rate reduction on insurance companies.

However, the Senate GOP leader calls this price fixing and declares the rate cut dead on arrival.

Meanwhile on the political front, the mayor's opponent, Sen. Coleman Young II, accuses the mayor of playing politics.

Young says he wants a rate cut too but this effort is doomed.

Duggan won't toss in the towel, and while he has a shot at passing this in the House, he'll likely have some trouble getting it through the Senate.