MCREST emergency shelter for women and children nearly built but needs help

An additional emergency shelter for homeless women and children will soon be up and running in Mount Clemens. 

"In Macomb County we are the only emergency shelter," said April Fidler. "We do have domestic violence and we do have a shelter in the south end of Warren that operates… the Salvation Army - but we're the only emergency shelter… in this area."

The work MCREST has been doing for 30 years has never been more needed. MCREST partners with more than 70 churches in Macomb County to temporarily shelter people experiencing homelessness on a rotating basis, with the shelter location moving from church to church each week. MCREST also operates a Learning and Resource Center.

MCREST stands for Macomb County Rotating Emergency Shelter Team.

"It's a challenge when you have children and you're moving from a location from Sunday to Sunday and then have to be out every day," Fidler said.

Rehabbing the building means they'll have a new shelter in Mount Clemens. The organization is working hard to finish it by furnishing the place.

"We raised $1.6 million dollars to build the shelter," Fidler said. "Now we're at the finishing line for actual blankets, bedding, toys for the kids."

Using Mother's Day, they've launched their Moms for Moms campaign which allows them to match up to $10,000 in donations. The money is being matched by Christian Financial Credit Union. The shelter will be a one-stop option for meals, lodging, life-skills training, housing assistance, job readiness training, and childcare to help vulnerable families.  They're hoping the shelter will be open by the fall. 

"The struggles people go through if they don't have a support system, we need to be that support system for them," Fidler said.

For more information about MCREST’s new women and children’s shelter or to make a donation to the Moms for Moms campaign, visit or its Amazon Wishlist HERE: