MDOT: I-696 project expected to be done in January

The $72 million I-696 project that was slated to be done in November now has a new expected completion date.

The mandatory work stoppage back in September put things behind schedule, said Diane Cross with MDOT.

"The stoppage that took out that prime month of construction season that was between contractors and the union, so unfortunately MDOT, who hires contractors who then hire these unions, that is between them but ultimately not only MDOT but all drivers were affected as well," she said. 

MDOT now hopes to have the project done in early January.

"Right now because of that loss of three weeks to a month, unfortunately, now we're in late December and we're dealing with shorter days and darkness, and cold temperatures not only during the day but dropping colder now at night," Cross said.

She said cold temperatures affect materials and equipment as well.