MDOT to close 696 from I-94 to Dequindre all summer

It is almost road construction season again and I-696 is next up on the MDOT schedule.

A new project is scheduled early next month with no exact date yet as all 28 miles of I-696 will be under construction.

MDOT says west bound 696 will be completely closed from I-94 to Dequindre Road all summer - likely into November.

Construction project manager Alan Ostrowski says the two projects are necessary.

"Bear with us," he said. "Be patient. We're going to get the information out to you as quick as possible."

Not only because of major freeway closures on I-75 in the coming years, but because of the horrible condition of the roads.

"The pavement in Macomb county has lived its life," he said. "It's over 40 years old."

Macomb County is getting the heavier work done with full pavement removal. Oakland County is receiving some rehab work.

"It’s pavement repairs, joint repairs, drainage work that's all limited to nights and weekends," said Ostrowski, adding that prep work will start in the next couple of weeks.

Public meetings are being held to fill-in drivers with the final meeting in Warren next week.

"It’s needed work and it's a little short-term pain for long-term benefits," he said.

Though it's a pain most drivers seem to agree dealing with construction barrels is better than getting pounded by potholes.

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