Mechanical failure causes 10 vehicle blaze during Tigers game

Several cars were destroyed by a fire while unsuspecting owners watched the Tigers at Comerica Park Sunday.

Fire investigators say it was a freak accident caused by a mechanical failure, that started the blaze.

Already with a sinking feeling after the Tigers' 9-3 loss to the Orioles Sunday afternoon, the Eastpointe resident says he left in the 8th inning - only to get burned again.
"I can't describe the feeling," said Ray Miller whose van caught fire. "We go see the car gone, cremated."

Miller discovered his 2010 Chrysler Town and Country parked at Prime Parking on Gratiot and Madison, a charred shell.
"I was in a state of shock when I first saw it," Miller said, adding that during the game, he could see the smoke. "I saw the first puff, it was black smoke, then it turned grayish. I saw two more black puffs."

He didn't expect to walk out to roughly 10 cars burned up and melted. At least seven were completely destroyed. 

Miller says he calmly called his wife.
"I just could not believe it," said Florence Miller.

Detroit fire crews have now determined the cause as mechanical failure and believes Miller's Town and Country is where the blaze originated.
Detroit Fire Department Chief John King said the circumstances were more unique than the parking lot fire itself.

"When you get cars close together," he said. "In parking areas or parking structures, you get one - you'll probably have two or three. It is not unusual. What is unusual we probably haven't had a situation during a Tigers game for quite some time."

Driving off in their rental car Monday, Miller and his wife say that they still love their Tigers.
"We're just kinda shook up and in shock," Florence said. "We'll get over it."

They also want to know is it too much to ask for their $25 parking fee back?
"Loss of a game and a loss of a vehicle," King said. "Whoever (parked there and) left that game lost twice, no doubt about it."