Meet the 12-year-old with dreams of opening a medical practice that caters to deaf patients

"I love helping people. I love making people happy and to see when I am done taking care of that person, their face when they walk away, it's just like, 'Wow, I actually helped that person,'" said Savannah Lewis.

Thoughtful words from Savannah Lewis, who is only 12 years old. Yet, she already knows what she wants to be one day.

"My goal is to become an interpreter for the deaf but also a doctor," she said. 

Back to her future in a minute, but first, here's how the determined seventh-grader plans to accomplish her career goals. She is enrolled in Michigan Virtual Charter Academy - allowing her to attend class on her computer from home.

Her grandma is her coach, taking attendance and monitoring her progress.

"It has really taught her to perform independently and that's what I really like. So she has to get her work done in a timely fashion," said Cheryl Poole, her grandmother.

On top of that, it has given Savannah time to take classes for American Sign Language at the Holly Institute.

"I have some family and friends that are actually deaf," she said. "What drew me to that is just to see their reaction, to see a hearing person talk to them in their own language. It was just beautiful to see their own communication with their own hands." 

Someday Savannah would like to combine her passions and open a medical practice that caters to deaf patients.

"We have tons of offices and practices. We deal with cancer, diabetes, the heart, the brain, the ears, all of that, but nothing that specializes in deaf people," she said.

Although Savannah experienced some trauma when she was young, her grandma says working independently has given her the focus she needs to focus on her education and empathy for others. 

"We are so proud of Savannah, she has gone through a lot. She is doing phenomenal," said Cheryl. 

"All I want in this world is for people to have peace, but mostly to be happy," Savannah said. "I think becoming a doctor, I'll be able to do that."