Men chase down alleged purse thief at Roseville Kroger

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A man who saw a crime of opportunity when he saw an unattended purse was deterred in his attempted crime by two men who chased him down.

Ricky Allen Bielet was charged with larceny, disturbing the peace, and failure to be fingerprinted after being arrested Thursday morning.

According to police, Bielet tried to steal a woman's purse from an unattended cart. But two men saw it happen and jumped in.

One of those men was making a supply run for the store where he works when he heard the woman screaming. He said he just reacted and ran to catch the guy. 

He chased him around the back of the store when someone else jumped in to help. They eventually caught up to him, pulled his shirt up over his head - 'hockey jersey style', Stapleton said - until police arrived and arrested him.