Men pull 14-year-old into car in Clinton Township

A 14-year-old girl had a terrorizing stranger danger encounter in Clinton Township Tuesday.

The teen was walking with a friend at Lakeside Village Drive at Hayes and 19 Mile when two men pulled up in a car, lured them over close enough to pull one of them into the back seat and drive off.

She tells investigators one of the men grabbed her face aggressively and she tried to get away several times, but they kept driving. 

The teen told police the men pulled over and one of them asked her how old she was. When she told them just 14, they laughed at her then let her go.

There is only a vague description of the suspects…two black males in a black four door car. Police are hoping surveillance footage from cameras along the route the men took picked up a plate. 

Clinton Township Police are asking parents in the area to talk to their children - a reminder to always be on guard. 

"Out in the world you can't always trust people you have to be careful," said Tina Kolmetz who lives in the area. "Eventually they will get caught."
Detectives are working to find these guys but they need your help - if you have any information on this attempted abduction - call Clinton Township police right away at 586-493-7800.