Metro Detroit building contractor impacted by ‘Stay home, Stay Safe’ extension 

“It’s shocking,” said Master Built Owner Gary Fiyalko. “It’s like being in the Twilight Zone and I don’t understand what’s going on here.” 

The inside of most home stores look like a crime scene right now, with products being deemed not essential and not for sale. 

“I went in for cardboard boxes and they are in the flooring department and they wouldn’t let me go get them,” Fiyalko said. 

Fiyalko is a builder and he snapped some pictures that eventually made rounds on social media, and like other business owners, Fiyalko is starting to feel the pinch. 

“I have four projects right now that are basically on hold,” he said. “we’re waiting on permits for a couple of jobs. There’s no inspections, building departments are closed. It’s hard to get materials.”

Fiyalko said he’d like to chips away at some of the jobs in limbo, but since Governor Whitmer recently tightened her executive order, he can’t.

“I have homeowners that are out of their house in a rental and we don't even know when we can get started on their projects,” he said. 

Fiyalko is confused, he says why are party stores open and the lotto running? Yet, he's gotten the crack down. 

“Our framers were actually outside on a project and they were shut down by the police because the neighbors called on them, a three-man crew working outside,” he said. 

His crews, were ready to start the Spring building season. 

“They are sitting at home collecting unemployment; they are not happy. This is the time we should be out making money right now,” Fiyalko said. 

From a small business perspective, Fiyalko is hoping there are no more extensions to the Governor's Stay Home, Stay Safe order. 

“I want to get back to work, I know everybody else does and I think there are safe ways to do it,” he said.