Metro Detroit family seeks help after father is diagnosed with flesh eating disease

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Sarah and Josh Munoz were on vacation in Texas last month celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary when the unthinkable happened while Josh was taking a shower.

“I ended up wiping away flesh from my thigh area, and it was not like you popped a blister but something was definitely wrong,” Josh Munoz said. 

As things begin worsen, Josh and Sarah decided to make the long drive back to metro Detroit. 

“I wasn’t getting stuck at an ER on the other side of the country,” he said. 

Josh didn’t know what was wrong but later found out he was suffering from a flesh eating disease called Necrotizing Fasciitis.

“ER doctor seen me and within 20 minutes of seeing us he said he’ll see us in the OR in 20 minutes, otherwise you will die,” Munoz said. 

“I was just hoping that he makes it, just come out of surgery alive," wife Sarah Munoz said. 

Josh made it out of surgery but he has a long road ahead, physically and financially.

“It’s horrible financially, what a burden, my family and I dependent on my small business that we started and with my hands, with my income, there’s no income when you can’t walk,” he said. 

One of Josh’s clients set up a GoFundMe page for Josh and his family, hoping to raise money for them.

Fighting back tears, Sarah says they will find a way to get back on their feet.

“Family you know, is helping with what they can,” she said. 

Josh and Sarah still in shock over what happened, says this is the kind of thing on a TV show. 

And how Josh got the flesh eating disease is even more of a surprise. 

“I was working on a project, and I actually contracted I️t, they believe from fecal matter working on a customer’s bathroom with cuts in my hands,” Munoz said. 

You can help the Munoz family by donating to their GoFundMe page.