Metro Detroit showing support for victims, families of Orlando terror shooting

Metro Detroit showing support for victims, families of Orlando shooting

People all over the world are sending prayers and showing support for the victims of the Orlando massacre and their families.

As so often happens during times like this, people come together to pray for the victims, for the survivors, for each other. They are praying and mourning at our Detroit-area local mosques as well.

There was a gathering of people at St. Aloysius Catholic Church in downtown Detroit in the wake of the mass shooting in Orlando.

"We come as a people of light to say there is still hope," said Monsignor Timothy Hogan, Archdiocese of Detroit.

Hogan asked that those in attendance share that message.

"And then we go out and become the light in this world," he said. "Let's not just leave it here - let's take it with us."

It's a message hitting home with this diverse group of worshippers.

"Whether you're gay, straight, white, black Japanese, you have a right to be in this world," said Tyeissia Jones. "Terrorist or (not) they don't have the right to take your life."

"It could have been me, my friends, my family members, I just wanted to pay my respects because it's real tragic," said Cher're Robbins. "You should be able to love who you want to love."

Cher're Robbins, a lesbian, was making reference to the terrorist attack also being a hate crime against the LGBT community.

"It wouldn't have mattered if it was lesbian, black, white, it wouldn't matter - all lives matter and it was wrong," she said. "I just wanted to show my support."

"We're one family and that's the way I live my life and that's the way Islam has taught me," said Eide Alawan, Islamic Center of America.

That's Eide Alawan from the Islamic Center of America here to pray alongside his Christian brothers and sisters.

"Whenever there's a senseless death, the human family is being attacked," Hogan said. "And we need to remind people that there is hope."

FOX 2 spoke with a representative from the Islamic Center of America today who said they are working on organizing a service of their own.