Metro Detroiters march to celebrate Joe Biden’s election

They took to the streets in Detroit, walking in unity and full of hope on Saturday. 

“This has been a really long week,” one demonstrator said. 

Indeed, it has - Americans waited for days to find out who would be the next president. However late Saturday morning, it was announced that Joe Biden will be the 46th President of the United States. He defeated Donald Trump in a presidential election, that was like no other. 

“I feel like we’re taking our decency back,” said voter Karen Kwek. “We’re taking our country back and we’re showing the world we’re not what he has been showing everybody.”

Saturday’s rally was organized by a local unions and grassroots organizations. The rally drew a large crowd. 

“When we organize, we win, it’s not just a hashtag,” said Nicholas Buckingham with Michigan Liberation. 

Record high numbers across Detroit as ballots were being counted. Trump supporters protested with hopes of stopping the count. 

However, in states across the country, where Trump was behind, they demanded the counting to continue. 

“It doesn’t make sense we’re supposed to be the foundation for democracy,” said voter Cedrick Brown. “And we have not been honoring the results of an election and there are some interfering with the vote count. That shouldn’t be what this county is made of.”

This was Jessi Kwek’s first time voting in a presidential election. 

“I’m really excited and I’ve been waiting for this for four years,” Kwek said, “All week long, we’ve known this was going to happen, but just seeing the results this morning and actually seeing Biden pass that 270 mark, is such an amazing feeling.”