Metro Detroiters respond to JC Penney store closures

First Sears, then Macy's, now JC Penney announces it will close more than a hundred stores as it struggles to keep up with online retailers.

FOX 2 talked metro Detroit shoppers and the reaction was mixed, but everyone does agree it's a sign of the times.

JC Penney announced plans to close up to 140 stores across the country -- it's a move that is expected to save the company $200 million.

"It kind of saddens me a little bit because JC Penney has been around for a very long time and although I do shop online, sometimes you like to go to a store to see the merchandise," said Kelli Cummings.

The company hasn't announced which stores will be closing, but as more and more people turn to the internet for their shopping needs..

"I get a lot of anxiety in those mall areas. It's too many people. It's too much going on," said Chris Vanlier, who prefers online shopping.

More and more brick and mortar stores are closing down.

Last month, Macy's announced it was closing 68 stores. Sears also announced plans to close stores last year.

"I mostly think about the people that are losing jobs and that's all I'm concerned with. I can go out and shop or online, it doesn't matter to me," said Ernestine Plump.

"I would say I'm surprised, i realize all the online shopping people are doing. It just makes it so much easier," said Calvin Gadwa.