Mgr: Cold Stone Creamery customer assaulted teen clerk over portion size

A customer at cold stone creamery goes crazy and attacked a teenage clerk in downtown Grosse Pointe on April 27.

"I was relieved that I didn’t see anybody hop over the counter and escalate further — they called police right away and gave a great description," said Grosse Pointe Police Chief John Alcorn.

The violence only lasted a few seconds and a surveillance camera captured everything. The woman visibly angry and screaming, grabbed a vase with flowers and throws it at the employee — then she grabbed a scale and throws that too.

The 17-year-old clerk suffered only minor injuries. The customer left with her family in a silver minivan with black rims. She is now facing felonious assault charges.

"It’s approximately 20 pounds, with four corners, it could have caused serious injury," Alcorn said. "(The teen) falls, looks like she hits a small metal refrigerator, a knife was really close to it, it’s just dumb luck that she wasn’t seriously hurt."

Off-camera, a store manager told FOX 2 that the customer was upset about the portion size and thought she wasn’t getting what she paid for.

The manager says the employees always measure out the ice cream before selling it to the customers.

While police are calling it an isolated incident, the employees say the customer is no strange at the ice cream place.

"They said the assailant was a frequent shopper at the store - they have been there multiple times — there was a disagreement over their order, she was unhappy with the order she was getting," Alcorn said.

"Out of all the ways to handle yourself all the things to be upset about that’s not worth it."

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 313-417-1193 or 314-886-3200.