MI Choice health care program brings nursing services to elderly and disabled at home

As Katy Kay's multiple sclerosis progressed she started looking for an option that gave her a choice in all things concerning her care. 

"MI Choice allows me to be independent make my own decisions choose the people I have to come to work for me, and it's my choice," she said.

Michigan Choice is a Medicaid-based program that provides long-term care services in the comfort of your home to people 65 and older, or adults like 51-year old Katy, who have a disability and need nursing home care - but wants to stay in their own home. 

"Definitely it's been a Godsend because it keeps me in my home and independent, and again, the name says it all - my choice," she said.

MI Choice provides a wide range of services to its participants like transportation and more.

"Personal care, light housekeeping some nursing services, medication set up and management,  home-delivered meals," said Aimee Page, chief clinical officer, Area Agency on Aging 1-B. 

Several services like Mom's Meals and Meals on Wheels are used for the program and each participant is assigned advocates to help organize their care and services. 

"Home health care worker and our nurse or social worker also work as a team, to make sure everyone is communicating with one another," Page said. 

Katy Kay has MS but is getting health care in the comfort of her own home.

If around the clock care is needed, MI Choice can make it happen 

"It is an option if that level of care is needed," Page added.

During a pandemic, organizers believe MI Choice is a great choice.

"You reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19." Page said. "we know it's been a great deal on nursing homes creating over 1/3 of Michigan's Covid deaths." 

You can receive MI Choice services through the Area Agency on Aging 1-B. To learn if you qualify call the Area Agency in Aging 1-B at (1-800) 852-7795 or online HERE.

"Since they're on Medicaid and if you are enrolled in the program and there is no cost to the individual because it's all actually government-funded," Page said.

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