Michael Bolton's 'American Dream: Detroit' in theaters May 15 only

Michael Bolton was first inspired by Detroit while he was doing research for his album "A Tribute to Hitsville USA."

The home of his greatest musical influences, he realized that there was so much more to explore about Detroit's past, present and future. 

He's come up with an uplifting documentary, that illustrates why the history and future of Detroit matters. 

"It's an amazing comeback story and we cover it from an angle, a view, that basically sings the praises of all the great people who live here, work here, play here. I can't tell you how many nights I've found myself singing at Cliff Bell's with some great jazz musicians that happen to be up there," Bolton said.

The documentary, "Michael Bolton Presents American Dream: Detroit", will play in select theaters nationwide across the country on Tuesday, May 15 for one night only. 

He'll introduce the documentary in person at the Redford Theatre in Detroit. 

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