Michael Myers actor Tyler Mane supporting end to human trafficking with autographs at Astronomicon

Actor Tyler Mane, known best for playing slasher icon Michael Myers, is offering a rare photo opportunity this weekend at Astronomicon 6.5 right here in Metro Detroit.

Astronomicon returns to Burton Manor on Schoolcraft in Livonia this Saturday and Sunday. The pop culture convention features family-friendly fun, as well as visits from special guests. One attendee this year is Mane, who donned the Michael Myers mask in Rob Zombie’s Halloween 1 and 2. He’s putting the mask back on this weekend for a good cause.

For the first time ever, Mane is doing photo ops in a jumpsuit and as part of a fundraiser. His production company Mane Entertainment is creating a graphic novel that tackles the difficult subject of human trafficking and while doing research on it, he discovered deliverfund.org.

"We're joining up with deliverfund.org ... a human trafficking organization that is putting an end to human trafficking," Mane told FOX 2. "So, I figured how can I help them? That is why I am dressing up in the Michael Myers suit, teaming up with Trick-or-Treat Studios also, who are making the masks from the original Halloween molds that I wore."

Deliverfund.org is a nonprofit that trains law enforcement on how to use online resources and data to track and take down human trafficking rings. Having kids himself, Mane said the issue is one he's become invested in as he works on his project.

"We're trying to make this a bigger thing than just a graphic novel and help people," he said.

This photo opportunity will only be available at Astronomicon and a few other conventions. Fans who purchase a ticket to the photo op will also be entered into a drawing to win prizes.

"One lucky winner is going to be going home with all three of the Michael Myers masks that I wore in the movie, plus they will be getting a made-up jumpsuit from a renowned cosplayer," he said.

Head to astronomicon.com for ticket information and maneentertainment.com to learn more about Mane’s upcoming graphic novel.