Michigan AG renews request for Larry Nassar files unreleased by MSU Board

More than two years since her office closed its investigation into former Michigan State University sports doctor Larry Nassar, state Attorney General Dana Nessel has renewed her request for the school to release the thousands of remaining documents.

The MSU Board of Trustees previously declined Nessel's request for nearly 6,000 in documents relating to the school's investigation of Nassar, who was sentenced to multiple life sentences in 2018 for sexually assaulting hundreds of female gymnasts.

In requesting the documents, Nessel's letter cites "new membership and leadership" within the board as reasoning for the ask.

"In the spirit of this pledged cooperation, please consider this letter to be a formal request for all records of any investigation conducted by Michigan State University into this matter," read a letter sent to the board last week.

The request includes any records produced during an internal review of Nassar and his actions while employed at the university, as well as relevant files tied to other figures within the school that interacted with the doctor and complaints made against him.

"In sum, the requested documents would include all documents sent to Judge Richard Ball, complete and unredacted, to be used solely in the Attorney General’s investigation of the Nassar matter, along with any documents per the above requests that were missed in the University’s prior response," read the letter.

The deadline to provide the documents was April 28.

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The letter also mentions it is the first of multiple requests being made by the department. "If relevant information is lost or destroyed, the Department will determine whether criminal or MSU Secretary civil action should be taken related to the destruction of relevant evidence."

"This is a pursuit we are determined to see through until the standards of investigation and justice are met. They haven’t been yet, not by the University that continues to withhold thousands of documents my department has requested over and again," Nessel said in a statement.

Nessel officially closed the investigation into Nassar on March 26 after the school declined multiple requests to provide her with relevant files.