Michigan COVID-19 outbreak risk moved back from 'high' to 'medium' in latest data

Michigan's risk of spreading COVID-19 is slowing down, according to new data by a team of technologists, epidemiologists, health experts, and public policy leaders.

COVID Act Now, which grades states and regions based on their ability to fight the COVID-19 virus, has moved Michigan in the right direction after it took two steps back at the beginning of July.

The organization moved Michigan up from 'high risk' to 'medium risk', meaning the virus is spreading in a slow and controlled fashion.

The move is an improvement over the beginning of July when Michigan was listed as 'at risk' for spreading the virus, but still a step back from where it was on June 17 when it was one of just two stats on track to contain the virus.

There are four categories on COVID Act Now:

  • Active or imminent outbreak
  • At Risk
  • Controlled
  • On track to contain COVID

The team lists Michigan's daily new cases at 7.3 cases per 100,000 residents while the infection rate is 1.06 - meaning each individual positive for COVID-19 is infecting a little more than one other person. That's down from 1.19 in early July.

Additionally, Michigan's positive test rate is down to 2.2%, it was as high as 2.7% earlier this month.