Michigan gas prices fall 5 cents, bucking trend of rising costs

Michigan gas prices are down an average of 5 cents this week, but only 3 cents in Metro Detroit after costs hit a record last week.

Both demand and supply fell last week as the national average decreased slightly after hitting $5.

According to AAA in Dearborn, the sight drop in demand helped limit increases in pump prices. Drivers should beware, volatility remains in the oil market and shouldn't expect in normalcy in gas prices for awhile.

However, the decrease does fall in line with what one expert predicted last week. 

An official with Gas Buddy tweeted out that he expected the average national gas price would decrease to $4.75-$4.85 by the July 4 holiday. 

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The highest gas prices remain in Metro Detroit, hitting $5.27 today. In Ann Arbor, it was $5.24 and in Marquette, prices were $5.17. The least expensive gas prices were in Traverse City at $5.01 and in Grand Rapids at $5.08.

The costs continue to hurt drivers who find themselves paying exuberant amounts of money every week just to commute to their jobs. One man FOX 2 spoke with last week said he sells his plasma to pay for gas.