Michigan Gov. Whitmer to allow some hospital visits under rolled back order

Hospital visitations will now be allowed in some cases, under another order rolled back by the Michigan governor.

In a continued scaling down of restrictions on travel and socializing, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced today that the Health department would loosen rules on who can visit patients in certain health care settings.

“By rolling back executive orders, and allowing more people to visit their loved ones in hospitals, it sends a clear signal we are making progress in the fight against COVID-19 and continue to move in a positive direction," Whitmer said in a statement.

Under the loosened order, there will be "exceptions to temporary restrictions" on entering hospitals, which will allow expanded visitation within facilities, outpatient clinics, and doctor's offices.

For facilities to allow some visitation, they'll need to abide by a number of expectations. That includes:

  • Limiting visitor entry through designated entrances that already screen people
  • Post signage guiding people at the visitor entrance to be assessed for symptoms of COVID-19 before entry
  • Perform those health assessments every time an individual not under the care of the facility enters the building
  • Discourage those at risk for COVID-19
  • Restrict visitation to the patient's room and other designated locations
  • Require visitors to wear a mask
  • For in-patient stays, make alternative options available for in-site and off-site visits

The coronavirus pandemic has placed several restrictions on visits between populations at risk for the disease. While the purpose of the rules was to reduce transmission, they also led to fewer in-person interactions between families affected by the virus.