Michigan man's cats are tallest and have longest tail in the world, Guinness World Records says

Cats owned by a Farmington Hills man continued their reign as some of the biggest house pets in the world after Guinness World Records declared one to be the tallest and the other to have the longest tail.

Will Powers who owns the cats has a history of having big felines. Two of his previous cats hold the all-time records for tallest cat and cat with the longest tail before both perished in a fire. 

Now, Fenrir Antares Powers which is a Savannah breed, and Altair Cygnus Powers which is a Maine Coon breed, have taken over the record of the largest living cats in terms of height and tail length.

"Call him the Big Chungus or the Chonk, he just grew and grew like Clifford the Big Red Dog," Powers said in an interview with Guinness World Records, talking about Fenrir. 

Fenrir is 18.83 inches tall. He comes from a long line of massive house cats and is the current record holder for tallest living cat. Powers says he is very loving, very outgoing, and he's often used as a therapy animal at Powers pet rescue.

He also has a voracious appetite and is known for grabbing food off the counter - something only a cat with his size could pull off. He can even open doors when he wants to walk through the home. 

Altair's nickname is 'The Floofus" due to his long and very fluffy tail which measures at 16.07 inches. His personality is a bit different from the other five cats that live with Powers. He loves to be held and loves to cuddle but is sometimes "embarrassed to play" Powers said.

Maine Coon cats reach their maximum growth at age 5, which means Altair is likely to keep growing, which means his tail will as well. 

It shouldn't be surprising that Powers' cats own the current records - both are related to the previous record holders who were also both owned by Powers. Arcturus came in at 19.05 inches tall and Cygnus had a tail that was 17.58 inches long.

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Both died in a tragic fire in 2017 that burned Powers home to the ground. He told Guinness that it sent him into a spiraling depression that took years for him to climb out of. But he did when he found new companionship with cats he adopted.

They included the brother of Cygnus and the offspring of Arcturus - Altair and Fenrir. Both could break their own family member's records, but it could be a year or two.