Michigan Red Cross seeks volunteers, donations for hurricanes

The damage left behind Hurricane Irma is so widespread that officials are still trying to figure out a plan to help victims. Red Cross teams are already getting to work, but so many crews are already in Texas so they're calling on Metro Detroit for reinforcements.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been displaced by the devastation left in the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The American Red Cross of SE Michigan says it's doing everything possible to help those in need.

"We have 159 individuals deployed  in Texas and Florida," George Stagerii III sadi."We have many vehicles deployed to Texas and Florida there's only one blood mobile here left in parking lot because all of our vehicles have been deployed to areas affected."

The Michigan-based volunteers are busy assisting in various capacities to help victims get back on their feet

"Helping out in shelters, helping families with, you know, getting the right food, getting assistance for next steps of what they need to do with their homes and lives. Mainly just being a real support and human aid in time of suffering," Stageri said.

The Red Cros says that, while the volunteers are working hard to make a difference, there's a dire need for more people to help out.

"The need is great so we definitely need people to step up and volunteer to potentially be deployed to help out with the horrible situation happening."

But volunteering is not the only way you can help. Local officials say before you start packing up food and clothing there's something they need much more.

"The need for monetary donations supersedes the clothing and the food at this time, simply for the fact that cause we don't have capacity to ship the items down in a safe manner," he said. "Our mission is so important. We do have to rally and alleviate the suffering and get relief to people affected by storms and natural disasters."

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