Michigan redistricting commission approves US House map

Michigan’s new redistricting commission approved a U.S. House map Tuesday, one that is fairer to Democrats than when the process was controlled by the Republican-led Legislature for two decades.

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In a landmark vote, eight of 13 members of the panel created by a voter-approved constitutional amendment voted for the 13-district plan known as "Chestnut." The state is losing a seat following the 2020 census.

There could be 7-6 splits in favor of either party if it is competitive statewide.

Under the current congressional map, Republicans would win an extra 11.9% of seats in a hypothetical tied election. Their edge drops to 4.3% under the new plan based on an analysis of 2016, 2018 and 2020 election data, according to PlanScore, a project of the nonpartisan Campaign Legal Center.