Michigan universities taking precautions ahead of potential coronavirus outbreak in state

COVID-19 isn't in Michigan yet, but university and school officials aren't waiting for when cases are reported.

Oakland University created a task force that met on Wednesday. The school is also monitoring what happens elsewhere as it sends students on study abroad trips.

"We have a set level 3 from the CDC as a major trigger but for the study abroad happening in the summer, those decisions will all be made probably in the next two weeks," said Michelle Piskulich, a senior associate provost.

They aren't the only ones. The University of Michigan has also placed CDC level 3 travel restrictions on countries where the coronavirus is ubiquitous, including China, South Korea, Iran, and Italy. 

It's welcome news to some concerned students.

"The fact that it's spread so quickly should be a cause for concern and I think the university should definitely take it seriously and even have some online classes maybe," said Alex Barbolovici, an OU student.

Central Michigan University's president announced Tuesday night the school was suspending all future study abroad trips scheduled to leave this semester. 

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On Tuesday, Wayne State also enacted its own committee to ensure a coordinated approach to tracking the disease. Spring break trips associated with WSU were canceled. 

As policy restrictions continue to be enacted, officials remain focused on the facts and not on fear.

"Trying to get out in front of it is, I think the key so people understand the difference between what is actually fact, what is true, and what may not be," said Mark Gordon, the police chief at Oakland University.