Michigan woman sues date for $10K, yells at judge during hearing

This may sound like a bizarre movie plot or something from a TV show, but it's 100%: A Flint woman is suing a man for $10,000 after he stood her up on a date. On top of that, she hauled off on the judge during a recent hearing. 

QaShontae Short is identified as the woman who filed the lawsuit against Richard Jordan for the date back in 2020. She claims he caused ‘emotional distress’ because the date fell on her late mom's birthday. 

They both appeared in court recently for a hearing where Judge Herman Marable Jr. questioned if Jordan would be representing himself in the civil case.

"To be honest with you sir, I thought this was going to get thrown out. We went on one date - one date - and now I’m being sued for $10,000. I don’t think this is going to go any further and I think it’s a waste of your time," Jordan said.

The hearing, done via Zoom, quickly went sideways as Short was yelling and arguing with the judge about the definition of perjury.

"If he responds and his response is a lie, then it’s perjury and my documents would prove it’s a lie," Short yelled. 

"No, no, no do you understand what perjury is!" Judge Marable said back.

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Defense attorney Todd Perkins is not a part of this case but does have a bit of experience in the courtroom. 

"I feel for the defendant like I said, he should have swiped left," Perkins said. "If I’ve seen something like this. I’ve seen someone go to jail." 

Perkins said Judge Marable had the patience of a saint as Short tried to school him on the law.

"Please do not insult my intelligence, do not do that. Do not insult my intelligence as if I don’t understand what perjury means," Short said.

That was enough for the judge to order her to be muted.

"Be quiet while I’m talking…Can you mute her please, please mute her," Judge Marable said.

But, even while being muted, she keeps going! 

The man she's suing clearly was shocked - but Short was likely shocked too when she learned she didn't even file in the right court.

"(The) bottom line is you said it was a criminal offense so I will send this to circuit court. Are we done here?" Short asks.

Judge Marable tried to explain that she didn't understand but she continued to yell "Are we done here? Are we done here? Are we done here"

Short, who has filed many other bizarre lawsuits, has had this one booted from district court.

Perkins thinks the alleged ‘bad date guy’ will wind up on the better side of all of this.

"Our hearts go out to him I think he will get some good dates off his patience dealing with this. Maybe he would use a bad situation for some good," Perkins said.