Michigan woman volunteers in Bahamas after Dorian's destruction

Nancy Malone has traveled the globe through her Hands of Light In Action organization helping people get back on their feet after natural disasters like earthquakes. 

So when another humanitarian group called, Humanity First wanted to help the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian hit the island.

Malone joined their group to make a difference. 

“They sent us to Cooperstown to open the medical clinic that had been destroyed,” she said. 

Devastation in just about every corner of the island as Malone and the other volunteers worked to get the clinic functional once again.

“We had roof tarped, we lived in the clinic on cots and we had no water, no electricity, we had to shower in the oceans,” she said. 

A harsh reality but these volunteers were determined to bring clean water to the clinic.

“We started desalinating the ocean and we put it in the desalination and a filtration unit so we could have running water and we ended up having electricity,” she said. 

The organization is also bringing medicine to the clinic. Malone who’s also a registered physical therapist started providing care.  

View of a destroyed building at the Marsh Harbor Port in Grand Abaco Island on September 6, 2019 in the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian hit the island chain as a category 5 storm battering them for two days. (Photo by Jose Jimenez/Getty Images)

“Started seeing patients right away even though they were gutting the building,” she said. 

Malone says the devastation is so great in the Bahamas she will go back with her own organization in November to do more work.

“Start helping Chainsaw and take down debris and help people gut their houses,” she said.  

Malone says volunteer work is crucial, but through her years of service she has also realized this.

“Amongst vast destruction, no one should be alone,” she said