Michigan's first cannabis business park breaks ground

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A very different kind of ground breaking took place in Oakland County.

The Cannabis business park will be a 288,000 square-foot facility on 25 acres for marijuana. 

"For processors, for growers, for safety and testing compliance and transporters," said Ryan Jundt, vice president of the Cannabis Park. 

The business park will be for medical marijuana only.  But is it legal? Yes, said Orion Township Supervisor Chris Barnett.

The faculty will provide a tax benefit to Orion Township and create jobs.  

FOX 2: "So what do you say to someone from Oakland County who is squeamish about the marijuana growing operation?"

"Average residents won't know what's going on in these buildings," Barnett said. "It is a very tested and safe system that is being set up."

FOX 2: "So I would not be able to drive up and get my medical marijuana from this facility?"

"Absolutely not," Barnett said.

"You have to understand that we are in a very professional medical industry," said Jundt. "Literally thousands of professionals are investing millions of dollars into (it)."

And it's not cheap. The minimal rental space is 6000 square feet at $14,000 a month for a minimum five-year lease.  

This will be the largest growing operation for medical marijuana, but if voters decide to approve recreational marijuana in November, the park could really get busy.

"It's a clean facility, it will be one of the prettiest buildings within Oakland County on a commercial scale," said Jundt. "And all the people that are in our park already, as tenants are extremely professional."

The first of three buildings will likely be completed by the end of the year.