Michigan's Most Wanted was a passion of Ron Savage's

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Ron Savage's Michigan's Most Wanted was a labor of love.

The beloved anchor and reporter who suddenly died at 63 Saturday championed the weekly segment.

"Good evening, it is time to get the bad guys off the streets,” Savage said in one of the segment’s introductions. “I'm joined live with law enforcement officers. So far criminals have managed to escape capture, tonight you make a difference, you help bring them in."

Each and every Saturday night it was Ron's time - his time to put the spotlight on fugitives who were Michigan's Most Wanted. Here is how local law enforcement are remembering Ron's efforts to help catch the bad guys.

"Not only a true gentleman, a true individual who was committed to the community," said Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham. "He cared about the community (and) obviously involved in public safety as a firefighter, wanting to provide that service and protect this community. This is one gentleman that's surely going to be missed."

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Michael Woody, head of Detroit police information can't forget his first time talking to Ron.

"The first time I ever talked to Ron on the phone he was at a gas station robbery and he wanted to make sure that we received information that he had just gotten from a citizen," Woody said. "He called me up and I was so giddy because I was talking to Ron Savage. I had watched this guy on the news all these years doing Detroit's Most Wanted and everything. I made him actually repeat the information three or four times because it took me a while to realize that I wasn't actually writing anything down.

"I was just so happy to be talking to Ron Savage. He chuckled about it and said 'Do you want me to repeat that one more time' and I said no, Ron, I think I'm good."

Tim Wiley from the FBI remembered a moment at the state conference for Michigan police chiefs.

"Ron (was) going around to just about every one of the police chiefs and so proudly introducing his wife and his son," Tim Wiley said. "He lived this passion. it was bigger than life. And there was no denying how much he absolutely was so proud of his son, and his son looking up at him, it was reciprocal."

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon also weighed in.

"My first time meeting him, he was telling me that he was a volunteer firefighter and all of the things that he had done," Napoleon said. "And that he was a great supporter of the folks in public safety and he lived up to that.  He was a guy that always was willing to devote his time, energy and talent to any effort that we had whether it was a field day, a graduation, an award ceremony. He would lend his talent to be a name that would kind of draw folks in.

"He was just a kind and generous spirit. We will miss him dearly."

Memorials may be made in his name to The Ronnie Savage College Education Fund, with checks payable to Ronnie Savage, c/o Lynch & Sons, 404 E. Liberty St., Milford, Michigan 48381.

For further information please phone 248-684-6645.