Midland residents, business owners deal with flood devastation

As of Wednesday, John Ross' Midland home is surrounded by water.

"We've got three feet on the main floor, the basement is completely full," he said.

It happened after heavy rainfall forced dams to breach causing widespread flooding in Midland Tuesday. Ross hopes the government will come to the rescue.

"I hope FEMA, the governor, whoever, will step up and help out," he said.

Penny Reder is a front line worker already dealing with coronavirus worries, is hoping the floodwaters stay away from her Midland home.

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"It's a trying experience on top of all this COVID-19 stuff," she said. "I work in the OR at Covenant and every day you just never know if you are going to bring it home."

Reder said she's taking precautions at home.
"I'm moving my basement stuff up to my second floor in case the water reaches," she said. "I just found out I don't have electricity in my house. I've been contacting people to get generator."

Business are also impacted.

"The while business subdivision has been flooded with what we expect to be six to 10 feet of water," said business owner Steve Horny. 

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But despite what is taking place at the business and in his community - hope remains 

"We have trying times here," he said. "But I think we'll get through it."