Missing Eastpointe woman's car found in White Lake Twp.

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Eastpointe Police are asking for the public's help locationg a woman who has been missing since Monday, June 6.

Police say 37-year-old Virginia Patterson was on her way to work when she disappeared. She went missing around 9:30 a.m. and has not been seen or heard from since then.

"If she's out there in danger and she's in danger, we're still going to be actively searching for her until we have a reason not to," Eastpointe Police Lt. Neil Childs said.

Patterson lives with her boyfriend on Gascony street in Eastpointe. He told police she disappeared Monday morning when she left for work around 9:30. Later that afternoon, he called her but couldn't get in touch.

Eastpointe police say Patterson never arrived to work at the city airport. Friends and family members haven't heard from her and her boyfriend thought maybe she wanted to get away. According to her boyfriend, Patterson has a history with depression and suicidal thoughts. Police say they're looking at all angles

"He wasn't getting any response on his text messages so he then contacted her employer," Childs said. "The following morning when he still hadn't heard from her, then he contacted us."

She was driving a dark blue 2007 Subaru legacy. Her car has been found at the Pontiac Lake Recreational Area in White Lake Township.

"We've had the DNR, Oakland County Sheriff's and Eastpointe Police have all been out searching the park. We've had helicopters out there as well. Unfortunately, we haven't found anything yet," Childs said. "There's a rather large lake and there's 20 miles of hiking trails and very dense search. The DNR is still actively searching."

Eastpointe police say when they discovered Patterson's car, they didn't see signs of foul play, was parked in a space, and there was nothing out of place. Her purse was inside but her phone was missing. Police say they hope anyone who may have been in the area on Monday -- may have seen her.

Patterson is 5'2", 110 lbs. If you have any information about her location, you're asked to contact police at (586) 445-5100 ext. 1026.