Missing Ecorse woman Lisa Hill is safe

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In Ecorse, police are searching for a woman missing since Saturday. Her family is worried because she's epileptic and doesn't have her medication.

Her husband is worried sick, he hasn't seen or heard from his wife in five days and he can't help but fear the worst.

"Something is wrong I really feel like something terrible has happened to her," said Ron Hill.

Hill is panicked. He says he went to the store around 4:30 Saturday to pick up dinner, their roommate told him his wife Lisa ran after him but he says he had already pulled away.

Ron had never saw her -- and either has anyone else since the moment Lisa Hill walked out that door.

"She went back in the house, Vicki said she grabbed something out of her room and ran back out," he said. "She thought she caught me.

"I got back from Aldi's and she asked if Lisa caught up with me told her no, I started looking for her."

Facing financial problems, Ron and his wife Lisa had recently moved in with a friend on 11th Street in Ecorse.

Ron says he was only gone from the house 25 minutes and by the time he returned, Lisa had vanished.

The 38-year-old didn't have any money, clothes or her seizure medication which Ron says his wife desperately needs.

For the last five days Ron has combed the streets looking for Lisa, knocking on neighbor’s doors, hanging these fliers and constantly calling her cell phone which just goes to voicemail.

"I have no idea what could have happened," he said. "I'm fearing the worst. You know we live in a crazy world anything can happen."

Ron says he filed a missing persons report with Ecorse police, who have tried to locate Lisa -but so far haven't been able to track her down.

He says Lisa does not have an alcohol or drug problem adding they haven't had any issues - they were happy.

"I am just worried about her and I want her to be okay," he said.

Ron said she does not have a car and usually always let him know where she was.

He told police that a man who lived in Lincoln Park and recently moved to Florida, had been obsessed with her. He was back in town when she disappeared, so that is what concerns Ron Hill the most.