3 organizations team up to bring mobile showers to the homeless in Detroit

Team Wellness, The Wave Project, and More Than A Bus teamed up to bring mobile shower units, clothes, and hygiene bags to help the homeless in Detroit.

Tymekia King, site supervisor at Team Wellness East says, "They appreciate it the smiles the love the thank you the tears they might be shed because no one ever gave them the opportunity I love it every day."

"It’s not only providing the hygiene but the friendships that we form usually the homeless a lot of times they don’t have very positive conversations with people during the week and may not have any conversations during the week so we  try to show them love more than just a shower," says Steve Perucca , site coordinator with the WAVE project.


Perucca says hundreds have used the service and the need for it has skyrocketed during the pandemic.


"It’s quite a bit of change with Covid because a lot of the homeless have been in hotels so it’s mostly people on the street and then we’ve all done some warming centers in Oakland County," Perucca says.

The mobile shower unity will be at Team Wellness east every Saturday for the rest of this month.