Mom says her 22-year-old daughter died from COVID-19 before she was eligible for vaccine

As a Registered Dietitian at Beaumont in Trenton, Laurel Langmeyer thought she had seen it all - and then COVID-19 hit.

"I have never seen anything as ravaging to the human body as Covid," she said.

Langmeyer cared daily for patients, never realizing that her 22-year-old daughter Haley would soon become one of her own COVID-19 patients after catching the virus from a roommate.

"And then she called me up and said I tested positive," Langmeyer said.

Haley’s diagnosis came in March before people in her age group could get vaccinated.  At first, Haley’s symptoms were mild and at times she felt dizzy

"By day six that’s when she say she couldn’t breathe," she said.

So her mother took her to a place she knows well - Beaumont Trenton

"It just became more and more difficult for her to breathe, the doctor said her lungs just got more and more stiff," Langmeyer said. "It was just a painful struggle to watch."

Haley was transferred to The University of Michigan for additional treatment.

"When her kidneys started to fail then I really knew," Langmeyer said. "She ended up dying May 12th.

"She had a smile that would light up the room we just miss her so much."

She says one thing that brings her comfort is the care Haley received, primarily from her respiratory therapist and she wants to acknowledge them during National Respiratory Care Week which is October 24 through the 30th.

"The respiratory therapist even at U of M and Beaumont Trenton and they have been the most professional group of people who are not only there to give treatment but they are so supportive of their patients," she said.

As this mom reflects on the precious memories of Haley, she hopes that people understand that young people are dying from Covid and the only way to win this battle is through vaccination.

Haley Langmeyer

Haley Langmeyer

"Everyone wants to get back to a normal life and the only way that will happen is, if we are vaccinated," she said.