Mom whose child was born with broken femur wants answers

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Ryeligh Anderson is a happy baby girl but has a medical disability that she will likely deal with her entire life.

She was delivered C-section at Beaumont Grosse Pointe in 2017 and the effects of the injuries she suffered, will be lasting her family's attorney said.

"They started tugging on her, I mean pulling with force," said Michelle Anderson, her mother. "I woke up out of the sedation and I asked why are you pulling on her like that, that's very painful. I never got a response, I never got an answer. The room was dead quiet."

There was something wrong with Ryeligh's right leg.

"They didn't even give her to me, they were supposed to hand her to me," Anderson said. "They brought her around to me and they had her legs closed like this and they turned her to the side. They said we don't like the way her thigh looked and they took her to X-ray."

Doctors determined Ryeligh's femur was broken during the delivery process. The law firm Goodman Acker is now filing a birth injury lawsuit against Beaumont Health System.

"Her right leg is currently shorter than her left leg, there is a discrepancy, she walks with a limp, and has balance issues," said attorney Tim Sulolli, Goodman Acker. "As she grows that leg discrepancy is going to become larger."

"She stumbles around a lot more often than her sisters ever did," Anderson said. "And when she falls, she kind of shakes it off and gets back up. But that doesn't mean that she's not struggling," Anderson said.

Anderson says her daughter, although able to walk, was slow to hit certain milestones.

"My daughter suffered," she said. "She couldn't crawl until she was almost 1, And by 1 she should have been able to stand up. She couldn't stand up. It was more of a stumbling crawl because she couldn't get the leg to move."

"Unfortunately the hospital has acknowledged this should not have occurred," the attorney said. "They are still failing to accept responsibility for what happened."

FOX 2 reached out to Beaumont Health System. It released a statement saying:

"We cannot comment on the specifics of this case, we have been working with the family in an attempt to resolve their concerns. We strive to support families with respect, dignity and compassion."