'Moms Demand Action' rally

Mary Miller Strobler is a volunteer with "Mom's Demand Action", a group that advocates for common sense gun laws. The movement is also person.

"My brother died as a result of suicide in 2006," Mary said. 

Mary's brother Ben Miller shot himself after he bought a gun in their small hometown near Lansing. Although Mary warned tried to convince the gun store owners not to sell to him, Ben was still able to purchase. 

"Unfortunately, we got the same response from each store that there was no legal reason not to sell him a firearm," Mary said. 

Sunday afternoon, the group rallied at the Spirit of Detroit Plaza.

"Not just the mass shootings that happened in Dayton and El Paso, but the gun violence that kills hundreds of people every single day, in which we don't always hear about," said Chapter Leader Emily Durbin. 

Speakers at the rally took to the megaphone to inspire people in support of universal background checks to lobby to their lawmakers; some were in attendance to hear from constituents. 

"We have a culture and we have laws that allow too many cracks in the system to keep guns out of the hands of persons who use them for ill will," Emily said. "We can't stand by as members of our community are suffering this way, even if it's not my family. If it's happening to one family in this community it's one too many."

If you are interested in volunteering with "Moms Demand Action" it's easy. Just use your phone and text the word "commit" that's 26648.