More than 100 marijuana plants removed from Dearborn Heights house

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A large illegal marijuana grow operation busted in Dearborn Heights after police made the discovery in a man's backyard.

Something has been stinking up this neighborhood here in Dearborn Heights for quite some time now. It's not a skunk, and it's not funny - it’s pot.

More than 100 pot plants were taken by police from the house in the north end of Dearborn Heights.

About 142 marijuana plants to be exact, some were four feet tall. They were removed at the residence at River Rouge Dr. near Highview Street off Warren just east of Beech Daley.  And all the pot caught the neighbors' attention.

"I noticed it earlier, because I had my windows open," said Michael Sinkunas. "The odor was blowing that way because when they were removing the plants you could smell it. I live eight houses away."

Police are saying they got called to this house early Thursday morning and found these flower pot holders, a sophisticated fertilizer type system and a big privacy fence surrounding the backyard.

And the man arrested?

"He seems to be friendly," Sinkunas said. "We never had any big conversations. He went over my house and looked to do some work one day but he never came through."

Police will only say the man they arrested is 40 years old.  He will likely be arraigned on manufacturing and distributing a controlled substance- a felony.