Morning anchor Anqunette Jamison announces retirement from FOX 2

After much consideration, FOX 2 morning anchor Anqunette Jamison has decided to retire from FOX 2. 

"Q" has been taking time off for health reasons since April 2016. She has multiple sclerosis. She explained her decision in a social media video she posted Tuesday morning.

"I loved my job, but multiple sclerosis was making it harder and harder to do it," she says.

Even though she won't be on TV every morning anymore, she plans on still being active in the community regarding an issue that she says is very important to her.

"I think it's criminal that, in this, drugs cost $70,000 a year," she says.

So, she'll be working with the MS Society and MI Legalize in the fight to make marijuana legal.

She spent her first year with MS sicker than she'd ever been in her entire life, and then she became a medical marijuana patient.

"Though a lot of people smoke weed, some get arrested and others don't. That's not right, and I want to make it right," she says.

You can hear Q's full message in her Facebook video here.

Q also thanks everyone who has asked about her, sent her well wishes and supported her during her 22 years on TV. You can read more about Q's TV career here