Moroun permit approved to replace Ambassador Bridge

The Maroun family says it has the green light for a new bridge across the Detroit River.

They already own the Ambassador Bridge and they say the new bridge will have six new lanes right next to it with approval from Canada.

Under the agreement it will be a replacement for the Ambassador Bridge. The Detroit International Bridge Company - the company that owns the bridge says it was about 75 years old when it first began the permit process with Canada.

It is now 87 years old and has wear and tear with big plans for its replacement.

"We wanted to build a new facility with wider lanes, more security built in, with lanes approved for fast approved and Nexus approved vehicles," said company president Dan Stamper. "This should give everyone comfort that there will be a new bridge and there will not be any additional regulations that stand in our way.

"It shouldn't be this hard to spend $1 billion of private money in Detroit and create thousands of jobs - it's been a long time and a long hard battle."

There are still details to be worked out in the states and Canada which could lead to construction starting a couple months. It is expected to take about three years to be completed.