Mother of innocent teen wounded in weekend shooting shares her story

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Five people shot and one dead as two groups open fire on each other in Detroit over the weekend.

Caught in the crossfire was an innocent 16-year-old girl walking by while a 28-year-old man was killed. Detroit police and neighbors say the Saturday night shootout started with a minor argument.

The heated words began over a car and escalated quickly into a wild gun battle, neighbors say.

"People out there, have no remorse for children," said the mother of the 16-year-old. "There were six to 10 kids out here. They don't even care."

The witness was inside her home on Westminster when she heard the shots erupt a few houses down on Oakland Street. She yelled for her 16-year-old daughter to get down - when she saw a stray bullet pierce the window and hit the girl in the arm.

"That was traumatic for her, and for me," the girl's mom said. "She has to go to school with all of this. She's healing and we're just trying to let this day get past us."

Detroit police say they have one suspect in custody and at this time there are no other suspects they're looking for.

Afraid for the safety of her family at this time, this woman is hiding her identity, but wants the public to know her daughter is doing okay and she's staying strong.

"She'll be happy like she usually is, going back to being herself," she said. "I'm just glad she's fine and we are all happy. We are just glad she's here."

The other three shot - two men and one woman, received non-life-threatening injuries and expected to survive.