Mother of murdered daughter raising money for other people who have lost family members

A mother whose daughter was killed by gunfire is raising money to help other people who have lost family.

"I've been so blessed in life. I've had some tragedies, but beyond my tragedies I've been blessed," said Bertha Matthews. 

Matthews' daughter, Dominique Brown was killed on I-94. Her mother believes Brown's life was taken when people targeting the man in the car next to her shot at them and missed. 

"I'm just asking and pleading with the public to please speak up," she said.

While she searches for Brown's killer, she's pushed forward with helping other families. Recently, she helped pay for a billboard pleading with the public to find the killer of Kenneth Wynn II.

"It's still hard at the same time, just to think about it. Me, walking outside and seeing him laying face down like that," said Francesa Tinch, Wynn's wife. "To try and save him and I couldn't do nothing."

Wynn was shot in his driveway in December, 2018. He would bleed out and die.

"For my 9-year-old daughter to see that too, her step-father out there. It just changed our life like it will never be right," Tinch said. "I do have nightmares. I just had a dream last night that he was still alive."

Tinch and Wynn's mom Jacqueline are hell-bent on finding their loved one's killer. With any luck, Matthew's help will make that a reality.

"I'm on a mission to solve and get justice for him. I know he would want that," Tinch said.

And Matthews can sympathize.

"When someone takes a part of your heart, they not only take your heart, they take your family's heart," said Matthews.