Motorcyclist killed on I-94 after collision with box truck

Eastbound I-94 at the Southfield Freeway was closed Friday morning due after a fatal motorcycle accident. 

Police say a man on a motorcycle was speeding on I-94 near Greenfield when he tried to cut between a box truck and a semi, and was not able to clear the box truck. Police say the 32-year-old man from Taylor was killed instantly. 

"According to witness reports and evidence at the scene, the 2016 Yamaha tried to speed through stopped traffic," says Michigan State Police Lt. Michael Shaw.

Police say the semi driver stopped, but the box truck driver continued on, probably not realizing they had been hit. Police are currently looking for the driver of that white box truck, and say the vehicle may have damage to the right rear corner. 

"We're hoping once that driver starts making deliveries they'll notice there's probably some type damage or paint transfer to the right rear corner to the vehicle. We’d like that driver to give us a call the Metro South Post," Lt. Shaw says. 

Police have not yet given the name of the victim. 

The accident is among the first on this Memorial Day weekend, and comes in the midst of Motorcyle Safety Awareness Month.

Friday also marks the kick off to the Operation Care, an effort in all 50 states aimed at reducing the number of deaths on area roadways. Police hope drivers will listen and learn so that they don’t have to inform other families that their loved ones won’t be coming home.

"To start off at 7:30 in the morning on the Friday of that weekend, we are pretty disappointed to find out we are getting off to that start," Lt. Shaw says.