Mountain Dew soft serve ice cream for sale at Redford creamery

Mountain Dew ice cream is apparently a thing. And if you ask the lucky patrons of Dairy Whip in Redford, it's not that bad.

According to one man, "it was kind of like a sherbet. It wasn't what I was expecting."

"I was expecting more of a creamy ice cream, but I do like it," he said.

The ice cream - if you can call it that - is colored that well-known highlighter green we all associate with Mountain Dew. The soft serve feature is a staple of the Dairy Whip ice cream shop through the weekend, they said this week.

Though, it goes by another name: Mountain Moo. 

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It'll be available through the weekend by cone, or by pints and quarts as well.

Dairy Whip is located at 26215 Plymouth Road in Redford.