Multi-million dollar greenway underway on Detroit's eastside

Construction crews breaking ground Wednesday on a former parking lot.

"This is a game changer for the City of Detroit," President and CEO of the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy, Mark Wallace, said. "Residents on the east side will have another experience much like Dequindre Cut to allow them direct access down to Riverfront." 

It's called Joseph Campau Greenway, a 1.2-mile greenway that will go from Vernor to the Riverwalk.

Thanks to grant and bond money, the nearly 5- million dollar greenway will connect to the riverfront by way of the newly constructed pathway between Larned and East Jefferson and on street improvements located on Joseph Campau.

The non-motorized pathway will also connect to new bike lanes.

As more and more connections take shape with the greenway to the Riverfront, It will allow more people to connect also.  

"What it means is that our community is continuing to come together . . . [The Neighborhoods and Riverfront] are now physically connected," Wallace added.  

Improvements to road crossings will also take place to allow for safe pedestrian crossing along the greenway and construction will include a number of improvements to the infrastructure

"This portion we're digging out and making new. Most of the portion we'll be repairing concrete and regrading to solve drainage issues and we're putting in at least two large rain gardens. Betsy Palazzolo of the City of Detroit said. 

As construction continues, one key aspect of the greenway is a number of security features.

"We'll have call boxes and cameras just like you have on the Riverfront," Wallace said. "If you do have a health issue or a question, you can press the button and speak to someone at our Command Center in Collin Plaza."

Pedestrians and bicyclists are also excited about the greenway bringing more out to Riverfront. Businesses along with Joseph Campau believe it will help drum up even more business. 

The greenway is expected to be completed in 2020.