Multi-state argument led to Greyhound station gunfire between 3 people

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Terror for passengers as bullets fly at Detroit's Greyhound bus station at 2 p.m. Monday.

Witnesses say several people exchanged gunfire after a Greyhound bus pulled into the station at Howard Street near the Lodge Freeway.

"I was steady ducking because bullets don't have any name," said Arthur Totten.  "Two guys started arguing on bus way back in Kentucky and one says to the other one, just wait until we get there, I'm going to show you what I'm going to do to you and the other says I got a crew too. I'm calling mine."

Police say the investigation is ongoing but according to witness accounts there was an exchange of gunfire between people in three vehicles including a black Yukon and a blue Chrysler 300 before the vehicles left the scene.

The witness says one man appeared to be upset at another man for leaning into his personal space as he slept.

"That's when I intervened and tried to diffuse the situation," Totten said.

But when the bus arrived in Detroit, bullets started flying.

"They got off bus and his partner says 'Where's he at' and he automatically started shooting at the guy," Totten said.

Detroit police say investigators were called to the scene and immediately stated searching for victims but none were found.

"I know I heard at least five to six shots," Totten said.

In a statement Greyhound officials told Fox 2: "Because the safety and security of our customers is the cornerstone of our business, we enforce a zero tolerance policy with respect to unruly or aggressive behavior."

People who are in this area on a regular basis say they don't feel safe and want to see some changes.

"They need to put a police office in this Greyhound station like they do all urban cities," said one witness who did not want to be identified. "A security guard doesn't have a gun and is no good in there."