Murdered retired U-M professor was slashed and cut 28 times

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Charges have been filed in a murder case in Ann Arbor - the victim found dead in his burning home.

Police say that retired professor Robert Sharp knew the man who allegedly killed him.  Investigators say Isom Hamilton is Sharp's killer. The suspect was in court on Friday for a preliminary hearing. 

"He died of multiple stab wounds and the manner of death is homicide," said pathologist Dr. Jeffrey Jentzen. "They were a total of 28 cutting or sharp force injuries, Seventeen of those were described as (slash) wounds and 11 of those were described as stab wounds."

Police discovered Sharp's body in his home in the 3300 block of Alpine in Ann Arbor on June 11th. Hamilton is charged with murder, armed robbery, arson and home invasion. Prosecutors say several of the victim's electronic devices were in his possession.

Police say Hamilton and Sharp were casual acquaintances. Hamilton worked at a Wendy's that Sharp would frequent.

Ann Arbor Police Officer Craig Lee was one of the first to arrive at the scene.

"When I first arrived you could tell the house was covered in soot throughout," Lee said. "And there appeared to be blood marks on the kitchen floor and the hallway coming out."

It was covered in soot because authorities say Hamilton, 29, set a fire in an attempt to burn evidence.

"I followed the blood trial down the stairs into the basement," Lee said. "At the very bottom of the stairs, we did find the victim."

Detective Amy Ellinger testified there was dried blood all over the inside of Sharp's home. She described crime scene photos in court.

"Showing blood, dried blood, foot prints towards the area of the basement stairs to the left," she said.

Sharp retired from the University of Michigan in 2008. Hamilton is being held without bond.