Mystery foam substance returns from sewer in Melvindale

The mysterious foam-like substance coming from the ground near the Marathon refinery is back, Monday night.

The white foam appears to be coming from the sewer at the Melvindale border on Shaefer Road near Dix. Hess going southbound has been closed to traffic as fire department officials address the situation. The northbound side remains open for now. 

The foam is getting thicker and is flowing into the road, leading police to divert some of the traffic. 

FOX 2's Dave Spencer spoke to the assistant fire chief at Dearborn who said that they believe it is some sort of cleaning solvent. It appears to be reacting with the water from tonight's rain.

Although it is near Marathon's refinery, it issued a statement saying it has nothing to do with it, but everything to do with the sewer system.

The Western Wayne County HAZMAT team is at the scene assisting the situation. Fire Department officials there say there is no need for an evacuation, and there is no danger to the public.

Samples have been taken from the foam but 48 to 96 hours is the likely timetable for results to know more. 

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